Most struggling marketing departments have fallen into the same pitfalls. They put too much emphasis on tactics and not enough on strategy. They do this because they believe this will improve execution and efficiency. And yet, they seem to get further and further behind. In a quest to prove their existence to their boss (so that they can in-turn show their worth to their bosses) they spend an ever-growing portion of their team’s valuable time gathering metrics instead of marketing.

But to really get ahead, you’ve got to have realistic goals and an understandable strategy that lets every member of your team see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For years, they have made organizational decisions based on skills that at the time were important, but now are no longer valued in the market place. And, in an effort to bring those skills in-house, they have overlooked the value of experience and maturity. In short, they have put short-term viability ahead of long-term strategic thinking.

How can Drumup Media help?

First, we work with you to develop a realistic marketing strategy that is designed to help you meet the goals you’ve determined are important for your success.

Next, we prepare a comprehensive assessment of your current execution and identify the areas that need improving.

We also conduct interviews within your department and help you organize and align your assets where they do you the most good. We also mentor and train your key individuals on how they can improve and update their skills. But more importantly, we empower them to get the resources they need.

Our training focuses on understanding the current marketing technologies including video, social media and cpc marketing; value propositions and messaging; effective product launch and understanding the metrics that matter.

One of the key differences between drumup and other marketing consulting agencies is that we don’t focus on the qualifications of our team, but rather the skills and value of your team. Who drumup brings in for support varies based on the needs of your team and your goals. We operate under the assumption that your team is their because they have proven their value over the years. We also assume you want them to be successful. They don’t want to be told how to do their job, they just want access to the resources that will enable them to do their job better.