This looks like an interesting tool. This new tool, the SAFe PI Planning includes an event agenda that drives teams to produce strategic plans they can commit to. The way they describe it, the first team breakout session has teams set to “calculate velocity for each iteration in the program increment.” I’m not really sure what that means. SAFe has created some pretty interesting tools that work well for teams that have a commitment for being data-driven. And, if done correctly can allow small teams to come together on a strategic plan. By the end of the planning session everyone should be bought in.

Personally, I don’t like to leave the planning session there. I also stress having each team members to agree on what the key objectives that we all agree will tell us if we our in alignment with our strategic plan, and also what those metrics will be that the team agrees will be used to measure our progress.

After that point, as a manager, don’t keep adding metrics to be tracked, unless you’ve decided that there was a mistake made during the meeting. If so, replace, don’t add. It is important to track the RIGHT thing well. The more unnecessary data points you demand the more daily tasks will gravitate for driving that “unnecessary” data. After all, you don’t want your team spending 30% of their work driving numbers that really attached to your strategic goals and objectives. And they will, because no one want to put a bad number on an activity report.

I like to poke fun at our favorite thought leaders and how they love to redefine things in their own terms to somehow make their version more valid. So, let’s start by diving into the lively and oftimes crazy world of Agile word re-defining. New SAFe VelociPacity Tool

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