I’m including this video, even though it is technically on pricing strategy, but it hits a major problem most marketing departments have with identifying messaging for an upcoming product launch. Find what your true “value” is to your customers. Getting to that understanding is a deliberative process in which you only get to the right answer by asking the right questions. The tech industry, at least from my experience, has the most difficult time with this because those who really understand what the product does, don’t think in those terms. They think of functions and usability. That’s usually where a conceptually thinking marketing department is able to get things steered in the right direction. Except, sometimes, the marketing people don’t fully understand the product. Every time they ask a question, the engineering person only answer technically. This is where an inexperienced marketing person can get steamrolled. They either get tired of asking the right question, or they are tired of feeling embarrassed.

Here’s some tips to overcome that.

  1. Never have more engineering or product people in the meeting than marketing. Ideally, the first fact-finding meeting should be 1-on-1 with the person most responsible for messaging. In smaller sessions, they are less afraid of asking what could appear to others as a stupid question.
  2. If you have one person on your team who is really good at bridging the gap between the two worlds, include that person. That’s important for two reasons: 1) you eliminate messaging misalignment early in the creative process, and 2) if things go astray later, these individuals will be the most difficult to “get on the bus.”

How you message in the market place is competitive, and you’d better be messaging on value. It won’t only impact your sales, but consistently messaging on value will drive more premium pricing, which leads to higher ROI, which leads to increased gross margins, which leads to higher stock value, which leads to bigger paychecks and happier employees. So you, having the right people doing your messaging is pretty darn important.



Peter Sheahan, Group CEO and Founder of global consultancy Karrikins Group, is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought Peter Sheahan Speaker Reel 2017

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