I really enjoyed this lecture and found it quite insightful. It brought back memories of mistakes I (and the company I worked for) made in the branding arena. We had made the decision to drop all sub brands in an attempt to improve the overall brand of the parent company.

We made this decision based on a miscalculation. We assumed there was additional investment needed to maintain all the sub brands. But, our sub brands were targeted toward niche markets with a unique culture and messaging requirement. And they were types of solutions for which the overall brand had no brand presence. Worst of all, they were brands that we had acquired and paid dearly for their brand equity.

The reality is that trying to change the minds of customers is much harder than keeping things moving in the right direction. That’s right, we not only violated the f=ma principle highlighted in the video above, we also violated one of Newton’s laws of motion.

So perhaps we should crack open our physics books and do some studying before making rash marketing decisions.