The blog post below is a thoughtful look at how sales and marketing are intertwined and ways to foster a better relationship between the two departments. When Drumup Media Group consults to marketing departments, one of our objectives is to build a bridge between these two departments. In our experience, even though we are at heart marketers, we find the issue to mostly rest with the marketing department because of their failure to recognize that in many functions they are still a support team for sales. They must provide the materials that will enable success. No sales person likes going on the road without killer sales materials or presentations. Secondly, the sales department understands goals and accountability. They are judged on the only key metric: sales. It is the marketing department who lives in a world of ambiguity and perception.

For any organization to thrive, they need these two department working in a synergistic fashion. Learn more at  Marketing Versus Sales: Metrics to Highlight Each Department’s Contribution To Revenue

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