This Tool is so Good, It Cuts My Billable Hours

I am in the middle of a real moral quandary. I have just come across a great time-saving tool. I don’t now how old it is, but it is new to me. It is Sprout Social “Landscape” tool. You’ll notice the image I’ve chosen for this post, a guide for all the many image sizes related to all the different social media platforms. The big problem is…they keep changing. And it isn’t just trying to keep your brand consistent on all of them, which again, is a pain in the @ss, it is that your in post image sizes are all different. To run an effective social media marketing program you need to have images for all multiple platforms.

If I’m working with a client that is running across five or six channels, and we decide on artwork, they have come to realize that it takes time to resize and crop to all the different sites. At least there used to be. I have debated whether I publicly post this on my blog because once I do and my clients actually read it…I won’t be able to charge for that previously time-consuming task. So here’s how it works. Go to¬† You will see a screen that looks like below.

So let’s say you have an image. You simply drag and drop into the nice little rectangle. I’ll choose this one:

After you do that, you come to this screen:

You’ll notice the individual boxes. There’s one for most social media platforms and it tells you how me different sizes they currently require. That’s right, Sprout Social keeps this updated. But…my favorite button is the text one near the bottom right. It simply reads: “Have Landscape Auto Crop.” If you click there, you are sent a download .zip file. It takes about…oh…three seconds. You unzip and…tada. There is actually 29 resized and nicely cropped photo that correlate with current specs for each channel. That’s right, total time about 15 seconds, and 29 ready to go images. You multiply that for three different campaigns for five different clients…jeez, you just cut a full day of billable hours. Now, you could try to keep them in the dark, still bill them the same and go fishing for a few hours, but that’s just not right. Oh, did I mention the tool was completely free?